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Tumblr Themes So Dale Farm is finally dealt with.

About bloody time.

Resident Kathleen McCarthy said they walked out with “dignity” and with their heads held high.”

Fuck off did you!! You made yourselves look like complete idiots - chucking piss and bricks at the police! And you wonder why people have a stereotypical view of you, whether it’s justified or not.

"We are proud people and we only ever wanted to leave peacefully."

Which is why you started chucking all that stuff and setting your own caravans on fire. And it’s no good saying you were provoked, because it was pretty obvious it was all set up beforehand. It’s a good job the police were wearing riot gear, or there could have been even more casualties. If you ‘only ever wanted to leave peacefully’ you’d have got the fuck out 10 years ago. Or at least when it was made absolutely clear you weren’t allowed to stay.

Just my opinion.

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