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Tumblr Themes Just watched the new OUAT episode.


Tumblr Themes My face when shit went down between Mr Gold and August:

August you massive asshat.

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My friends judge me severely for the age difference, but I don’t care. I still squeal whenever Robert Carlyle shows up.
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The Beauty and the Beast: OUAT: Regina and Mr. Gold Spoiler:

…And speaking of twisty relationships, there’s still the matter of Mayor Regina (Lana Parrilla) and Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle). Viewers have been wondering for a while now just how long their shaky truce will last. “Until the end of the season,” responded Carlyle. “There’s some heavy duty…

(Source: uk.tv.ign.com)

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Tumblr Themes Waiting to watch the new ep. of Once Upon A Time is torture. CURSE BEING IN ENGLAND.

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Tumblr Themes The awkward moment when the secret crush you’ve always harboured for Robert Carlyle comes out and your friend who’s a history teacher decides to refer to him exclusively as ‘Der Fuhrer’.

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omggg robert..lmfao

Once again: ALL. THE. AWARDS.