White Rabbit

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doctor who 50th anniversary stamp set.
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suffolk, england.
Tumblr Themes I’m leaving for university tomorrow.

I’m getting very nervous.

The worst thing is the packing. I’ve spent the last few hours taking things off my walls that I want to bring with me. Fairy lights, posters, pictures, photos etc… it looks so bare. It’s only just hitting me that I’m actually leaving and I’m starting to freak a little. Had a few teary moments already. 

Tumblr Themes Whenever there’s a wedding going on at the church across the road I turn into a sassy fashion critic.


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Tumblr Themes Having to watch a fire safety video from Hertfordshire University.

I swear to god if any of my flatmates start a fire I’ll go and burn down their family home.

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This super cool guy owns a Doctor Who/Harry Potter/British pop culture stall in the Jubilee Market, Covent Gardens.
I brought a fab Tardis mug from him today - he recognised me from the last time I visited him. Gonna be spending a lot of time there when I’m at uni!
If you’re in the area go and visit him! He’s a proper old school Doctor Who fan, and he knows a ridiculous amount about the show - he’s so much fun to talk to!
Tumblr Themes Going to London tomorrow with the mates.

Seriously can’t wait.

We’re going to galleries because Morgan was supposed to for a summer project as part of her university photography course, but she was a lazy shit and left it to the last minute. But I like galleries, especially the London ones, so it’s all fine.

I’m gonna drag them to the Doctor Who stall in Covent Garden afterwards - I want that massive Tardis mug for uni. There will be no arguments unless they’re cruisin’ for a brusin’.

Tumblr Themes Fucking hell I’ve never seen a fall like the one Clayton Fredricks had at Burghley yesterday.

Literally one of the worst looking crashes I’ve ever seen in Eventing.

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The Olympic Torch is coming past my house today - which is a perfect excuse for a party in my opinion! All my high school friends are coming over, and we’re going to drink Pimms and have a laugh. Excited yo!